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Welcome to the HD Dailies Web site. We offer information about using HD playback and encoding technology for the viewing and distribution of dailies. Please patronize our sponsors.

NEW Featured Author - Mr. Ethan Schur of TDVision. TDVision specializes in technology for the capture, compression and distribution of Stereoscopic Images. Please review this interesting white paper on TDVision's coding technology. TDVision_TDVCodec_Whitepaper_Rev_21.pdf

Another article by Ethan can be found here Digital Stereoscopic Convergence

Traditionally film prints were made from the camera negative each day for the production crew to review the previous days work. Critical decisions about whether to move on to the next scene, location or set were made from screening these dailies or rushes as they are called in the UK. Other important issue were verified, the camera operation, framing, set, props, and wardrobe continuity can be verified by using dailies.


Screenings were normally done on the lot in a private screening room, however on location make due conditions would force screenings to happen anywhere. Local theaters would be rented just to get the big screen feel. Of course as video equipment became more affordable and compact the camera original could be transferred to tape on the state of the art film scanners that became popular in the late 80's.

Every imaginable format of video has been used for dailies. Low resolution dailies were shared across the internet when Apple Computer introduced the QuickTime™ format. With the development of low cost HD playback devices from companies like Electrosonic's Media Networking Division,offer toolsthat provide high resolution dailies on the big screen.

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